Training Details of 120 Hour/ 3 weeks In-class program Delhi

Training Details of the 120 Hour/ 3 weeks In-Class program in India's Traditional and Present Day Capital Delhi at an affordable course fee of Rs 50,000 only(USD $750).

The 120-hours TESOL in class program prepares an ESL teacher with the material and the motivation to be an international teacher. The program makes the theories of language learning practically possible through interactive input sessions and hands-on experiences that can be carried back to any classroom across the globe. Each session is meticulously planned and the practicum comes with constructive feedback that helps in confidence building as well as an exposure to global teaching experience.

Why do you need a TEFL Course?

A TEFL/ TESOL course is the perfect way to Teach and Travel abroad and thereby satisfy the desire of a traveller and a teacher inside you. A TEFL course is the gateway to explore opputunities globally and thereby earn yourself an universal teaching experience. The course not only provides you with the knowhow to teach English but is a learning in itself of global communication as it teaches one with the skills to interact with students of different language and culture. A TEFL course s also required to gain a Teaching license or a work permit in foreign countries to enable to work unhindered in any part of the globe.

Moreover our Notarized certificate will not just give you a TEFL certificate but a validated document which is accepted all over the world as a teacher training certificate and can be used lifelong.

Who can do this course

An international teaching course like TEFL/ TESOL to teach abroad can be done by anybody from any walks of life. You can be a teacher with experience or a fresh graduate with the dream of imparting education to people. One can be a mid life career changer or a corporate employee who wants to re-invent themselves and fulfil their deep passion for teaching. You can also be a traveller whom likes to visit countries and be a global teacher. You can also be a teacher of other subjects as long as your mode of teaching is English. One can also be a corporate trainer who trains people in communication and language.

Eligibility for the Course

One does not need to have a background of English teaching or in that case even teaching itself to join this course, nor do you need to be a graduate in English as graduates from all streams can join the TESOL course. What one needs to do a TEFL course is just a Graduation degree, good communication skills in English and an aptitude towards teaching. If you have the above then the world is your classroom and there is no stopping you to conquer it.

What is the Duration of the course

The In-class TEFL course in Delhi is of 3 weeks. Its an intensive course where classes occur during the weekdays from morning till early evening and attendance is must across all the days of the program. Successful completion of class assignments and peer observation and practice teaching with reward you with the certificate on the last day of the program.

What is the Course Fee

When will the course start

The 120 Hour In-class TEFL/ TESOL certificate from American TESOL Institute is valued and valid all over the world as it is the only notarized certificate bearing the sign and seal of the Notary officer from the Dept of Education of the Govt of USA. This makes the certificate recognized and all over the world.

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Training Plans for the TESOL 120 hours In-class program

The 120-hours TESOL in class program prepares an ESL teacher with the material and the motivation to be an international teacher. The program makes the theories of language learning practically possible through interactive input sessions and hands-on experiences that can be carried back to any classroom across the globe. Each session is meticulously planned and the practicum comes with constructive feedback that helps in confidence building as well as an exposure to global teaching experience.

1. Course Introduction Course Criteria Approaches to Language Learning and Teaching foreign Language (Day 1) Using theater techniques in language classes.
2. Warmers & Micro teaching techniques. Foreign language (Day 2) Context setting & modeling
3. Basic lesson demonstration and lesson Planning Review Lesson Planning for Peer Teach 1 Foreign language Day 3
4. Peer Teach 1 Feedback Error Correction
5. Teaching listening as a receptive skill. Using music Grammar
1. Teaching reading Classroom Management
2. Teaching YL YL lesson demonstration Lesson planning
3. Phonology Communicative and Interactive materials Teaching Speaking
4. Teaching Adults Receptive Lesson Demo
5. Lesson planning for Peer Teach 2 Peer Teach 2 Text Evaluation
1. Teaching Writing Lesson planning for Teaching Practice 1
2. TP 1 Feedback Lesson prep
3. Practice teaching 2 Review Lesson planning
4. Practice teaching 3 Review Lesson planning
5. Practice teaching 4 Review Certification

Why a TEFL Course in Delhi

Delhi is the traditional and present day capital of India. It is the second largest metropolis of India after Mumbai with a population of over 13 million people. Delhi is also the oldest city of India which had been inhabited continuously and is the witness of the great freedom struggle of India. A land of Kings and Emperors and also the modern seat of constituency for the country it is the perfect city to take a TEFL course owing to its reputation as a global city. Cosmopolitan in nature it is the power hinterland of the Indian sub continent and the educational mecca of various international colleges and universities. Archaeological relics evidences of human habitation in the city as old a 2nd century BC and is believed to be one of the oldest cities of the world. Being the capital of India, Delhi is the centre stage of all political activities and it is here that the destiny of the country is decided. Once it was the city of royal power, later it was the seat of colonial power and now it is the centre of beauracratic power also. Doing a course in Delhi amidst its commercial settings can be very enriching. The institute is located at the heartland of the city with shopping malls and commercial centres at a stone throw distance helps the students to relax and rejuvenate after a day of intensive in-class program. Undergoing a TEFL course in Delhi has deep ramifications as education is given a lot of importance in the capital city. The most comprehensive overhauls of education system in the world is happening in Delhi. The Government is working towards a system where promising teachers can be groomed for leadership of schools and it is this initiative which American TESOL Institute is trying to fulfil by providing Teaching English Teacher Training Program i.e the TEFL/ TESOL course in the capital city where students from all over the world can unite to learn and teach education to the global citizens of the world.

Delhi Attractions

Delhi is a great place where huge numbers of tourist are drawn every year. The sites of interest are many and can be characterized as British build New Delhi with all its Government buildings, historical monuments left by the dynasties specially the Mughal and Rajput kingdoms who have ruled Delhi and also some pious religious places. Some of the attractions include – Lotus Temple, Birla Mandir, Jantar Mantar, Laxmi Narayan Mandir, Jama masjid, Humayun’s Tomb, Qutub Minar, Red Fort, Rashtrapati Bhavan, India Gate etc.

Delhi Tourist and Transportation Development Corporation Limited conducts city sightseeing and excursion tours. The corporation has also introduced adventure tourism activities like Para-sailing, rock climbing and boating in Delhi. The corporation has also developed ‘Delhi Haat’ where beverages and food items of different states are available in one place. More such Haats are planned in different parts of Delhi. The ‘Garden of Five Sense’ in south Delhi also attracts a lot tourist.

Being a cosmopolitan city and because of a huge influx of migrants from different parts of the country Delhi’s culture is very diverse. The union of various companies, traditions and religion has tinted Delhi in colours which have been brought from all over the country. People belonging to various castes and cultures live here so all the major festivals are celebrated with equal galore and vivacity.

The geographical location, people, government, industry, alluring charm, rich history, modernity and hospitality make Delhi enthralling for any visitor. It is well connected with roads, trains and air with all parts of India and the world as a whole. It has three major airports, three major railways stations and three interstate bus terminals. Delhi Metro service also connects many important places of the city. Its night life is bustling and the youth are energetic and ready to take the chances. Delhi is getting outstanding fane and recognition internationally and is the hub of activity, culture and fashion.

Places of Interest around the City

Studying and living in and around Delhi- NCR has its own merits and unlike other cities Delhi have a host of options for those tranquil weekend getaways. There are lot of interesting tourist destinations around Delhi and there is something for everyone. Not more than 300 kms away in terms of travel distance, from classic heritage sites to nature and wildlife, there is a lot to capture and captivate.

Surajkund located at a distance of 30 kms from the city is a perfect destination to unwind and relax. Steeped in vibrant history it is 8 kms from South Delhi and is well connected to major airports. It is good for those who do not want to travel too far in search of peace and serenity. It revives the experience of village life in an entirely rural setting and has enticing natural view with an authentic and traditional mix of arts, crafts and cultural affairs.

Mathura and Vrindavan at a distance of 160 kms from the city and is known for its culture and heritage as it lies well within the golden triangle of Delhi-Jaipur- Agra. The Mathura archaeological museum is famous for the ancient sculptures from the Mathura School of Art. Dwarkadheesh temple is the birthplace of Krishna.

Corbett national park is the finest tiger and national reserve of India with the highest diversity in terms of flora and fauna. The beauty and wilderness attracts wildlife enthusiasts from different parts of the globe. The park named after Jim Corbett was established in 1936 to protect the Royal Bengal Tigers and many wildlife documentaries are made here for Save the Tiger Awareness Program.

Rishikesh, nestled in the Himalayas with the Ganges flowing by its side is more than just an important Hindu pilgrimage. It is best visited for Yoga tourism, spirituality and adventure sports like rafting, trekking and climbing tours. You can check out into a riverside camp and let nature work its magic on your aching senses.

Alwar located very close to Delhi, has many historical sites of interest which attracts attract tourists from all over the world. Silserh lake and Hill Fort Kesroli along with Sariska Tiger reserve and haunted Bhangarh Fort are main attractions in and around Alwar.

Delhi is definitely famous for its rich history and mouth watering food. Paranthas are definitely at the top of the list for a morning breakfast in most Delhi households and it can be made plan or with stuffing like potatoes, cauliflower, raddish, eggs, keema etc. Chandni Chowk is the street food capital of Delhi and one can indulge on various kinds of tangy charts that are available. Another delicacy which is found in non-vegetarian restaurants and in highway dhabas is the Butter Chicken which can be sumptuously eaten with naan or roti. Kababs with grilled chunks of meat or fish marinated in rich aromatic Indian spices will make you greedy by its look and is found in all kind of restaurants. One can also satisfy their taste buds by gorging on a plate of Biryani and Nihari and can complete their meal with desserts like piping hot Jalebis and lip smacking Rabri Falooda to innovative Kulfis in flavours like Custard Apple, Tamarind and Aam Papad or the delicious Motichoor Ladoo made from pure ghee and Blueberry cheesecake. Delhi is definitely a place to slake your taste buds.


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