Training Details of 120 Hour/ 3 weeks In-class program

Training Details Of The 120 Hour/ 3 Weeks In-Class Program In India's Cultural And Historical Capital Mumbai at an affordable course fees of Rs @ 50,000 only (USD $774).

The 120-hours TESOL in class program prepares an ESL teacher with the material and the motivation to be an international teacher. The program makes the theories of language learning practically possible through interactive input sessions and hands-on experiences that can be carried back to any classroom across the globe. Each session is meticulously planned and the practicum comes with constructive feedback that helps in confidence building as well as an exposure to global teaching experience.

Why do you need a TEFL Course?

A TEFL/ TESOL course is the perfect way to Teach and Travel abroad and thereby satisfy the desire of a traveller and a teacher inside you. A TEFL course is the gateway to explore opputunities globally and thereby earn yourself an universal teaching experience. The course not only provides you with the knowhow to teach English but is a learning in itself of global communication as it teaches one with the skills to interact with students of different language and culture. A TEFL course s also required to gain a Teaching license or a work permit in foreign countries to enable to work unhindered in any part of the globe.

Moreover our Notarized certificate will not just give you a TEFL certificate but a validated document which is accepted all over the world as a teacher training certificate and can be used lifelong.

Who can do this course

An international teaching course like TEFL/ TESOL to teach abroad can be done by anybody from any walks of life. You can be a teacher with experience or a fresh graduate with the dream of imparting education to people. One can be a mid life career changer or a corporate employee who wants to re-invent themselves and fulfil their deep passion for teaching. You can also be a traveller whom likes to visit countries and be a global teacher. You can also be a teacher of other subjects as long as your mode of teaching is English. One can also be a corporate trainer who trains people in communication and language.

Eligibility for the Course

One does not need to have a background of English teaching or in that case even teaching itself to join this course, nor do you need to be a graduate in English as graduates from all streams can join the TESOL course. What one needs to do a TEFL course is just a Graduation degree, good communication skills in English and an aptitude towards teaching. If you have the above then the world is your classroom and there is no stopping you to conquer it.

What is the Duration of the course

The In-class TEFL course in Mumbai is of 3 weeks. Its an intensive course where classes occur during the weekdays from morning till early evening and attendance is must across all the days of the program. Successful completion of class assignments and peer observation and practice teaching with reward you with the certificate on the last day of the program.

What is the Course Fee

When will the course start

The 3 weeks course dates are:

Mumbai- 8th Jul To 26th Jul 2019

Mumbai- 7th Oct To 25th Oct 2019

Mumbai– 2nd Dec To 20th Dec 2019


The 120 Hour In-class TEFL/ TESOL certificate from American TESOL Institute is valued and valid all over the world as it is the only notarized certificate bearing the sign and seal of the Notary officer from the Dept of Education of the Govt of USA. This makes the certificate recognized and all over the world.

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Training Plans for the TESOL 120 hours In-class program

The 120-hours TESOL in class program prepares an ESL teacher with the material and the motivation to be an international teacher. The program makes the theories of language learning practically possible through interactive input sessions and hands-on experiences that can be carried back to any classroom across the globe. Each session is meticulously planned and the practicum comes with constructive feedback that helps in confidence building as well as an exposure to global teaching experience.

1. Course Introduction Course Criteria Approaches to Language Learning and Teaching foreign Language (Day 1) Using theater techniques in language classes.
2. Warmers & Micro teaching techniques. Foreign language (Day 2) Context setting & modeling
3. Basic lesson demonstration and lesson Planning Review Lesson Planning for Peer Teach 1 Foreign language Day 3
4. Peer Teach 1 Feedback Error Correction
5. Teaching listening as a receptive skill. Using music Grammar
1. Teaching reading Classroom Management
2. Teaching YL YL lesson demonstration Lesson planning
3. Phonology Communicative and Interactive materials Teaching Speaking
4. Teaching Adults Receptive Lesson Demo
5. Lesson planning for Peer Teach 2 Peer Teach 2 Text Evaluation
1. Teaching Writing Lesson planning for Teaching Practice 1
2. TP 1 Feedback Lesson prep
3. Practice teaching 2 Review Lesson planning
4. Practice teaching 3 Review Lesson planning
5. Practice teaching 4 Review Certification

Why a TEFL course in Mumbai

Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra is the most populous Indian city. It is the commercial, financial and entertainment capital of the country and has thus built a distinct characteristic of its own in the global map. Popularly known as “the city of dreams”, Mumbai is the place to be if you are someone who wishes to embark on an international teaching career. The city boasts of great job prospects and pursuing an in-class TEFL course in Mumbai can thus be the stepping-stone for a bright career.

As compared to other Indian cities, Mumbai is one place which conforms to the standards of offering great career opportunities. Often termed as “the city that never sleeps”, people in Mumbai always seem to be busy with their work, no matter what time of the day it is. It is one city which always seems to be on the move since people keep working in a non-stop fashion. Mumbai is always filled with numerous activities and has emerged as the highest income city in India by Gross Domestic Product per capita.

Apart from the natives of the place, the city is even home to people from all over the country often who have migrated to Mumbai in search of better career opportunities and livelihoods. It is these people who have made Mumbai so diverse that it lends a character which cannot be found elsewhere in the country. The city comprises of a mixture of people who belong to different religion and speak different languages.

What attracts people from all over India to Mumbai is it’s much-talked about the ‘spirit of Mumbai’. The vibrant co-existence and cosmopolitan nature of the place will make you feel one with the people who live in this city. Unlike some of the other cities, Mumbai will help you realise your dreams, fulfil your ambitions and even give you the recognition. No matter whether you are a fresh graduate, a school teacher or a mid-career professional, you can easily enrol in a good TEFL course here and make it big.

Professionalism, great career opportunities and good salary packages make Mumbai worth living. While you may think of living or settling down in some other city, you will soon realise that there’s nothing like Mumbai. You will soon get used to living in the fast pace life of this city. Moreover, the pleasant climate of the city makes Mumbai one of the most sought-after places in India.

If you have the desire to teach and a passion to change lives then you can join the TEFL course anytime without giving prominence to any second thoughts whatsoever.



  Accommodation is provided in the training centre so that the trainees do not have the hassle of transportation from the living quarters to the training centre.

 Air conditioned room on a single/twin sharing basis with Food (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) Rs 1,250/person/day.

 Transportation is not included in the above. It is only available at cost basis where the trainees need to pay for it. No transportation will be provided to the trainees if they arrange on their own apart from the Teaching practice where the trainees will be taken to the local schools and the transportation will be arranged by the institute. Trainees may avail AC/non AC buses and taxis. However, all assistance regarding transportation will be provided if required.

 Accommodation is provided from one day prior to the course start date and will be available till the day after of the course completion date.

 The centre is conveniently located at the bustling heart of the city with shopping malls, multiplexes, underground rail station, market places, places of interest etc available at a short distance. Trainees can relax their evenings by exploring the city. Guidelines will be given to them as and when required.

With a number of cultural institutions, bustling markets and famous historical sites, Mumbai is one place which is packed with numerous attractions which can be rewarding for any tourist. The city boasts of a number of popular tourist attractions which help in boosting its tourism. Regarded as one of the most visited cities all over the world, the vibrant city attracts millions of tourists every year. Some of the must-see attractions of Mumbai include-

  • Juhu Beach

    While it’s true that there are numerous other empty and pristine beaches in the area, there’s no other beach more iconic in Mumbai than Juhu. No matter when you visit, you will always find the beach to be packed with hundreds of visitors from various walks of life. This highly energetic beach has always remained as the preferred destination both among Mumbaikars and tourists from all over the world to simply jog, unwind and dip their toes in the Arabian Sea.

  • Gateway Of India

    The Gateway of India is undoubtedly the most known historic monument in Mumbai. It was built to commemorate the visit of Queen Mary and King George V to the city and even happens to be the exact place from where the last British troops left India after the centuries of their colonial presence in the country. Though the foundation stone was laid in the year 1911, the monument was completed only in 1914.

  • Taj Mahal Palace

    Long or short, no tour of this city can be complete without spending some time at the famous architectural and historical marvel- the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. This Arabian sea-facing hotel was built under Jamsetji Tata in the year 1903. For 20 years, it was this building’s iconic dome which was considered as the first clear indicator of the Bombay harbour until the Gateway of India was built.

  • Haji Ali Dargah

    The spectacular Haji Ali Dargah dates back to 1431. It is one of the most iconic and oldest architectural structures in the city. The shrine was built in the remembrance of Sayyed Peer Jaji Ali Shah Bukhari, a wealthy Muslim merchant who gave up his worldly possessions to go on a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Places Of Interest In The City
  • Marine Drive

    Starting from the southern end of the Nariman Point to ending at Chowpatty beach, the Marine Drive is a km long arc-shaped boulevard located along the South coast of Mumbai. Whether you wish to take a leisurely stroll by the sea or watch the sunset in Mumbai, this can be your best place to be. The Marine Drive lines the Arabian Sea and makes for one of the most spectacular views of the sunset and in the night.

  • Bandra - Worli Sea Link

    Opened in the year 2009, the Bandra Worli Sea Link is a prestigious bridge which links the suburbs of Mumbai to South Mumbai. This bridge is a civil engineering wonder which reflects the modern infrastructure of the Mumbai city. What makes the sea link more beautiful is its civil engineering wonder which beautifully compliments the beautiful, crystal waters the bridge is built over.

  • Shree Siddhivinayak Temple

    Located in Mumbai, the Shree Siddhivinayak Ganapati Mandir is one of the most famous Hindu Temples in India, dedicated to Lord Ganesh. The temple consists of a small mandap with the shrine of Siddhi Vinayak – Lord Ganesha who grants your wish. The periphery even has a Hanuman temple. The wooden doors of the temple are carved with the images of the eight manifestations of Ganesha.

  • Elephanta Caves

    Declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Elephanta Caves is a specimen of architecture and rock-cut art right from the times of medieval India. Located at a distance of just 11km from the main Mumbai city, the caves are situated on Elephanta Island. The Elephanta caves which exist today are the ruins of what were once elaborately painted artworks. Though their origin still remains a great mystery, the caves’ architecture dates back to the 5th and 8th century.

  • Essel World and Water Kingdom

    The Water Kingdom in Mumbai is the largest theme water park in Mumbai which comes as a huge relief for the natives here during the summer holidays. Established in the year 1989, it is located in Gorai, Mumbai. Home to a wide range of rides appropriate for individuals of all age groups, the Essel World and the Water Kingdom span across 64 acres of land.


Seafood in Mumbai is an essential culinary which is a must-have for every traveller. The city boasts of numerous seafood restaurants which serve a wide variety of mouth-watering seafood dishes. Some of the most popular seafood dishes served here are prawn tikki, fish koliwada, chanak fish fry, Bombil fish fry, tisriya masala, banda tikhale, etc.

Local Dishes

The city of Mumbai offers a range of lip-smacking vegetarian and non-vegetarian food which the locals relish. Some of the most popular local dishes which are unique to Mumbai are kanda batata poha, masala bhaat, amti, Mumbai tawa pulao, dalimbya, vangyache kaap and so on. Meat lovers can enjoy chicken tikka, dry Bombay duck curry, kebabs, butter chicken, kheema pav, etc.


Every corner of Mumbai is home to several food stalls and eateries which offer spicy, hot, crunchy and yummy chaats. These chaats are delicious crispy and snack items which comprise of various ingredients like yoghurt, chaat masala, onions, mango powder, sev, potatoes, chillies, coriander and much more. Some of the most popular local dishes include- pav bhaji, vada pavs, aloo chaat, pani puri, dabeli, bhel puri and so on.


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FEES 50,000 INR (USD $750)



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FEES 50,000 INR (US $ 774)




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