Where In India Can You Acquire A TEFL Certification Course?

May 27, 2019

Do you wish to become a great teacher and enrich the lives of youth? Looking for ways to jump-start your global teaching career? Joining the best TEFL training institute in India can be the perfect way to make a rewarding career in ESL teaching. Trust us; all you need to do is pursue an accredited TEFL or TESOL course for a highly satisfying teaching career.

No matter whether you are a recent graduate, a mid-career changer or an experienced teacher, ESL teaching is ideal for everyone seeking an up gradation in his/her professional life. In fact, anyone willing to take up international teaching as their career can get TEFL certified and explore job opportunities globally. With a TEFL certification, you can get rewarding jobs in schools, private institutes, universities as well as corporate companies. What’s more, the certification is recognised all over the world.

Best TEFL Training Institute India

Wondering where can you acquire a TEFL certification course from? Read on.


Delhi, the present-day capital of India, is the ideal city to obtain your TESOL certification from due to its reputation as a global city. Not only is the capital city the power hinterland of the country, but also the educational Mecca of numerous reputed international Universities and colleges.

Opting for TEFL courses in Delhi can be very beneficial since education is given much importance in the capital city. And with Delhi undergoing the most revamp of the education system, more and more aspiring teachers are groomed for international teaching in a culturally varied atmosphere


Kolkata’s cosmopolitan attitude makes it a popular destination among candidates from various part of the world for in-class TEFL training. Counted among the sprawling metros of India, Kolkata boasts of a rich cultural and historical background. Aspiring teachers looking for high-paying teachings jobs and obtain TEFL certification in Kolkata to gain an in-depth knowledge of teaching. What makes Kolkata the top choice for people from various corners of the world to pursue their courses is the low cost of living in this city.


Do you wish to get TEFL certified from a city which conforms to the standards of offering attractive career opportunities? Mumbai, the most populous Indian city is the place to be then. Regarded as the financial, commercial and entertainment capital of India, Mumbai is ideal for anyone who wishes to embark on an international teaching career. Pursuing a recognised TEFL course in Mumbai can be the stepping stone for a prosperous career as you will have numerous great job prospects to choose from.

Unlike some of the other reputed cities of India, Mumbai will help you realise your dreams and even give you the recognition you deserve. Moreover, aspects like rewarding career opportunities professionalism, good salary packages and a pleasant climate make Mumbai a sought-after place worth living.


Bangalore, one of the fastest growing cities in the Indian sub-continent is popularly known as the Silicon Valley of India. This multi-cultural city permeates religion, class and language, making it a favourite destination for both Indian nationals as well as foreigners to acquire TEFL certification in Bangalore.

When pursuing a TEFL course from Bangalore, you will get the chance of doing your teaching practice since the city is home to numerous international schools. The tremendous industrial growth and large scale urbanisation is another reason why aspiring teachers prefer getting certified here.

Undergoing 120 Hours In-Class TEFL Program

No matter where you are acquiring your TEFL certification from, you need to ensure the length of the course is at least 120 hours. Undergoing the 120 hours course can prepare you with the material and motivation needed to be an international teacher. Through hands-on experience and interactive input sessions, you will be able to learn the theories of language teaching practically. Once the course completes, you will be able to carry back the learning to any classroom across the globe as a qualified teacher.

So what are you still here? Join the best TEFL training institute in India and aspire for a prosperous ESL career!