Uncovered! 4 Common Misconceptions About Online TEFL Courses

October 16, 2019

Congratulations! You finally took the first step to a bright future and decided to make a career in ESL teaching. Pursuing an online TEFL course in India from a reputed institute is indeed the key to a lucrative career. But, are you a bit hesitant after getting mixed answers from some blog, sites or forum out there? Read on.

All you need to do now is get a reality check. Wondering why? Well, with the availability of a plethora of resources about TEFL/TESOL online, a lot of false information is out there.

Teaching English abroad is one of the most exciting, life-changing and rewarding experiences ever. However, many are put off from fulfilling their ESL dreams after hearing someone else’s story or reading an article online. Sifting through the loads of information swirling around the web about TEFL certification is thus essential to know the reality.

Keep reading to uncover the most persistent myths about TEFL and clear up all confusions.

Top Myths Aspiring ESL Teachers Must Debunk To Benefit From Accredited Online TEFL Course in India

  1. “Online TEFL Courses Are Easier Than In-Class Courses” – BUSTED

Perhaps, the greatest misconception about online TEFL programs is that getting certified is easy. When students opt for online courses, they quickly realise that these are just as demanding as the in-class ones. Trainers impart the same quality of teaching to students of both online and classroom classes. They assign the same amount of work as they would in class. This means that students have an equal number of opportunities and do not lose out any content.

  1. “TEFL/TESOL Certification Is Only For Young People” – UNCOVERED

When some people think of an ESL teacher, many imagine them as a fresh university graduate. Even though many teachers are indeed like this, it isn’t the complete reality. Usually, the age limit is set around 50 to 55 years in the countries which have upper age restrictions. Remember; the right candidate is never too old to live out an ESL dream!

  1. “Finding ESL Teaching Jobs Abroad Is Hard” – DISPELLED

So you heard from someone that it’s hard to find a good job teaching abroad after pursuing online course. Well, reality differs. No matter whether you pursue an online or in-class course, there is no dearth of opportunities for qualified candidates. The increasing demand for English teachers throughout the world means that you can work and live wherever you want. When you get certified from the best TEFL Institute , you will get qualified for rewarding ESL jobs.

  1. “ESL Teaching Jobs Do Not Pay Well” – BUSTED

Another persistent misconception some consider to be true is that pursuing online TESOL courses won’t pay you well. Besides making memories for a lifetime, you will be able to earn well as an ESL teacher. Salaries for ESL teachers vary considerably around the world. The salary you can expect depends on the country and institute/school where you work. But, if you have a TEFL certification, you can lead a comfortable lifestyle in whichever country you live.

So what are you still here for? Time to enrol in an online TEFL course and fulfil your dreams!