The Handy Guide To Business English Teaching For Every ESL Teacher

December 9, 2019

Thinking of moving on to the lucrative world of Business English teaching? Great! There are endless attractive business English teaching opportunities. Wondering how to improve your skills and increase your chances of employment in this field? Why not undergo a comprehensive Business English teacher training in India! Trust us; pursuing specialised courses which focus on English for businesses can get you off to a great start.

With English being the language of global business, the job market for qualified business English teachers is huge. Even though new ESL teachers often start out teaching young learners, experienced teachers move to business English teaching. A rewarding profession, business English teachers, get to teach motivated adults instead of hyperactive kids. Also, these teachers earn higher salaries since it’s more specialised than general English classes.

Here’s everything you need to know about business English teaching.

Business English Teacher Training India

Business English: What Is It?

Business English is English, that’s fit for international business deals and corporations. Usually, it means learning a new jargon and how to speak concisely, diplomatically and appropriately. This specialised branch covers a wide range of topics. These include-

  • How to write a good resume in English
  • How to hold conferences and meetings in English
  • How to conduct job interviews in English
  • How to use business English via email and on the phone
  • How to improve business English presentation and report writing skills
  • How to persuade potential clients and do business negotiations using English

Need For TEFL Training In India To Teach Business English Abroad

Are you planning to make a switch from teaching general English to teaching business English? Or, are you considering teaching English abroad for the first time ever? If so, undergoing TEFL Training  is essential to get qualified. Pursuing specialised courses will help you teach more advanced learners and teach English for specific purposes.

Benefits Of Teaching Business English

One of the many benefits of becoming a business English teacher is that teaching can take place in numerous different formats. For instance, teachers can have one-to-one classes or give lessons at a company during working hours or after work. Not only does this give trainers a lot of variety, but also great flexibility. Another key benefit is that teachers gain a lot of knowledge about the business world from their students. Furthermore, by seeing students give presentations, using some online applications, teachers can develop skills and abilities.

What Should A Business English Teacher Consider At The Start Of The Course?

Teachers need to do two important things at the start of the course. Firstly, they need to find out the wants and needs of their clients. This is because; often, the wants of the clients are different from the company needs. And, once you find out what their needs and wants are, you can balance between the two.

Secondly, trainers need to test their clients for getting an idea of their English level. This is important for choosing the right resources for your client and ensuring that their expectations are met.

Join a reputed TEFL institute and undergo Business English teacher training in India. Time to kick-start a prosperous ESL teaching career!