TESOL Infused Pre-Primary Methodologies Essential For Teaching In Vietnam

January 10, 2018

Better teachers and teaching practices lead to enhanced student achievement.

Qualified teachers have always had a direct and positive influence in enhancing student learning. Learned teachers can dramatically have an enriching effect on the daily lives of young learners and their academic and career aspirations. Years of thorough research on quality teacher support have supported the fact that qualified teachers can make students feel good about learning and have a direct effect on increased student achievement.

With a goal of “improving people’s general knowledge, training quality human resources, nurturing and fostering talent, education in Vietnam is known for its stringent curriculum. The Vietnamese education system is even deemed highly competitive for its students. However, the nation is taking efforts to improve its rigorous education system. Even the citizens are critical of the strict study curriculum which has further led to some serious social issues such as anxiety, depression and rising suicide rates.

TEFL training in India

Primary Education System In Vietnam
Primary education in Vietnam lasts for 5 years and is compulsory for every child in the country. Children here, usually start their primary level of education at the age of six. This level focus on developing the basic knowledge and skills required for seeking admission into the lower secondary schools.

At this level, students are assessed on a regular basis through coursework as well as oral and written exams. Once a term ends, examinations are held for evaluating the candidate’s performance.

Teaching And Learning Issues
The entire education system in Vietnam has been facing several crises like outdated and rigorous curriculum, a lack of linkage between teaching and students’ understanding, a traditional method of teaching and learning and a big discord between theoretical teaching and practical training. The teaching methodologies used in classrooms are teacher-oriented and students are expected to be passively attentive and studious during the class. This method is a sharp contrast to the methodologies practised in the developed nations where interactive sessions between the teacher and students are more prominent.

It is here that the need to work on improving teacher training comes to the pictures since only well-trained teachers can impart quality education.

The Effect Of TEFL Training In Education And Student Achievement
For a better tomorrow, it’s high time that efforts are taken to improve the quality of education students are receiving. The additive effect of teacher effectiveness on student achievement is that the efficiency of the teacher stays with the students even for the years to come.

A teacher who has undergone TEFL training in India from a reputed institute can draw upon their effective training and immense knowledge to help his/her students achieve success. He/she can envision instructional goals for students and use great methodologies for enhancing learning. Since a highly qualified teacher can yield high rates of effective student learning, more and more schools should support and promote teacher effectiveness.

Schools in Vietnam should demand high competency and hire qualified teachers who have undergone teacher training programs from recognised institutions. Hiring certified teachers who hold degrees in English instead of mere education degrees is more likely to result in learning effectiveness and enhanced student learning.