Teaching English Abroad: Who Will You Teach In The ESL Classroom

July 8, 2019

Did you recently get TEFL certified? Congratulations! You are all set to embark on a lucrative career ahead. Pursuing an accredited TEFL course provides the skills required to teach students overseas. But as a newly qualified teacher, are you nervous about whom you will teach in the ESL classroom? No worries! All you need to do is check out the guide below.

ESL students come from all ages, backgrounds and walks of life. The kind of students you teach in the classroom will depend on the country you teach and the school you work for. You may have to teach a class full of university students, corporate executives or even hotel workers. Alternatively, your students may also be children in public school. Each of these groups of students has their own characteristics and your certification will help you teach English to a variety of students overseas.

Here’s everything you need to know about the kind of students you will teach abroad.

TEFL Training

Life After Completing A TEFL Course: Variety Of Students You Will Teach In The ESL Classroom


Adult language learners stand for the largest section of ESL students overseas. When teachers go abroad after getting certified from a leading TEFL Institute to teach English in Latin America and Europe, they mostly teach adults. As a qualified ESL teacher, you will have to teach adult students like-

  • University students aspiring to study abroad or conduct research in areas dominated by English
  • Small business owners who do business with international firms in English or companies who work with English-speaking customers.
  • Corporate executives, business professionals and employees
  • ESL students willing to work in technology or looking to take full advantage of the internet
  • Candidates aspiring for a career in the global hospitality and tourism industry

Many adult students abroad also seek private lessons which offer a great opportunity to teachers for earning additional income.


  • Teaching English To Students Abroad: Public Schools

Asia is a thriving market for ESL teachers looking to teach English to children. In countries like Japan, English language education starts in the final year of junior high school. Qualified ESL teachers thus enjoy great demand here for teaching English in public schools. Besides Japan, even Hong Kong and South Korea take great efforts to recruit foreign English teachers.

  • Teaching English To Students Abroad: Private Lessons & Language Institutes

In Korea, numerous parents enrol their students in private language institutes to add-on the education they receive in school. When teaching such students in a private language institute, expect to give most of your lessons in the early evening or late afternoon. Many Asian parents even seek private lessons from teachers who have undergone TEFL Training for their children. Not only do private lessons help students get an advance on their English proficiency, but also assist them in passing a college entrance exam.

Pursuing an accredited TEFL course from a recognised institute can help you become and outstanding ESL teacher. So what are you still here for? It’s time to make a prosperous ESL career!