Pursuing TEFL Course In Your 30s? Key Considerations To Keep In Mind

April 22, 2019

Thinking of undergoing TEFL training in your 30s to make a career move? Pursuing an accredited TEFL course in India to teach English abroad is indeed a great move in the right direction. Whether you are a recent graduate, a mid-career professional or a retired person, teaching ESL is rewarding for everyone.

But, are you worried if you are too old to make a career in ESL? Well, with no real age restrictions for teaching English abroad, you can take the plunge as long as you are serious about teaching overseas.

A common misconception exists that teaching English overseas is a career option only for recent college grads and the young generation. While it’s true that people in their 20s still make up the majority of ESL teachers, more and more people are looking at ESL teaching as an option later in life. So, regardless of your age, teaching English abroad is the perfect lifestyle for you.

Here’re the considerations you must make before teaching abroad in your 30s.

TEFL Course In India: 4 Factors To Consider Before Teaching English Overseas In Your 30s

  1. Is There Any Age Limit For Teaching English Abroad?

Generally, there are no age restrictions for ESL teaching opportunities overseas. Even if you are a candidate who has never been in a classroom since your student days, you can easily consider working as an ESL teacher in your thirties. In reality, there are many 30+ aged teachers who are in ESL teaching. However, keep in mind that each country has its own set of requirements which candidates need to fulfil.

  1. Where Do You Want To Teach?

If are interested in teaching overseas in your thirties, it’s important for you to decide where you want to teach and most significantly, where you can teach. While some countries will require you to have relevant teaching experience, there are many which will allow you to teach if you have been certified by the best TEFL training institute .

  1. How Long Do You Want To Work As An ESL Teacher?

This is another key consideration to keep in mind. Decide if you want to be in it for the long haul or if you are just trying out as a career option. If you realize that teaching abroad is your real calling and you want to commit, make the career switch for a bright future. Keep in mind that getting TEFL certified can get you on the road to a prosperous ESL career in no time.

  1. What Skills Can Be Learnt When Teaching Overseas?

No matter whether you want to make ESL your long term career or not, teaching English overseas can help you develop as well as refine some great transferable skills. After spending some significant time in the ESL classroom, you find yourself to be more patient, more adaptable and more thoughtful of cultural differences. Each of these skills looks great on a CV and can give you a competitive edge in almost any job.

So, don’t you think you are not too old to teach English overseas? Time to make a rewarding ESL career!