Pursuing A TEFL Course? Know The Top Countries For ESL Teaching

December 6, 2018

With more than 1.7 billion people speaking and learning English globally, the international job market for teaching English overseas has never been stronger than this. New teaching opportunities are opening regularly from various countries all throughout the world. What makes ESL teaching a popular career choice is that it provides more opportunities than any other field for English speakers to live and work abroad!

No matter whether you are a recent graduate, a mid-career professional or an experienced school teacher, teaching English abroad provides opportunities to English speakers from all walks of life. Making a career in ESL can even be the key to work abroad while travelling the world. And, opting for an accredited online TEFL Course in India allows you to gain the qualifications and skills required to get hired as an ESL teacher.

Wondering about the top countries where you can teach English as a foreign language? Read on.

TEFL Course In India

TEFL Course In India: 5 Best Job Markets For Teaching English Overseas in 2019

  1. China

At a time when more than 300 million Chinese are learning English, the fact that the most populous nation is also the largest ESL job market in the world is no secret. China is even the most prosperous job market for teaching abroad. TEFL certified teachers working in this country receive numerous benefits like free airfare, free housing along with good salaries.

  1. Japan

Japan is one of the largest ESL teaching markets all over Asia. English as a subject has been mandated in public schools which last through the completion of high school. It is this broad base of young learners which has opened numerous English teaching jobs in Japan. As an ESL teacher in Japan, you can teach either in private language schools or public schools.

  1. Thailand

Widely known for the hospitality and tropical climes of its citizens, Thailand represents one of the fastest growing ESL teaching markets. Since you will be in the heart of Southeast Asia, you will have endless opportunities for travelling throughout the region. When living and working in Thailand, even a generous salary can help you have a comfortable lifestyle and save a significant amount of money per month.

  1. South Korea

If you wish to put yourself out of your comfort zone, South Korea can provide a wonderful opportunity. From walking through the bustling city sidewalks of Seoul to discovering Buddhist temples in the early morning mountain fog, life in South Korea as an ESL teacher can be very exciting. What makes South Korea a top choice is that it provides free housing, free airfare and attractive salary packages to ESL teachers, allowing them to save enough after expenses!

  1. Vietnam

Working in Vietnam after the completion of your TEFL course in India can be beneficial since the country represents one of the fastest growing ESL job markets in Asia. Home to numerous language schools, institutes keep hiring qualified English teachers on a regular basis. Owing to the good salary package and low cost of living, you will be able to earn enough and save a considerable amount of money after expenses.

Time to make 2019 the best year of your life by qualifying for a rewarding ESL job!