Obtain TESOL For Children Certification For A Bright ESL Career

March 12, 2019

With a natural flair for teaching, are you interested in teaching English to children internationally? Looking for opportunities to take your teaching abilities beyond the national boundaries? Acquiring a TESOL for children certification from a reputed TEFL institute can be the ideal way to fulfil your dreams of teaching English abroad.

Over the last few years, teaching abroad has become an increasingly popular career choice. No matter whether you are a fresher, a mid-career professional or a retired person, pursuing a TEFL course in India can be the stepping-stone to working as an ESL teacher. TESOL/TEFL for children certification is an online course which focuses on the ESL teaching methods for students of age groups 2 to 17. The certification offers unlimited exciting opportunities for qualified teachers.

Here’s everything you need to know about acquiring this certification.

TEFL Institute in India

Key Benefits Of Obtaining A TESOL For Children Certification

  • Equips You With Practical Skills & Techniques

Getting TEFL certified equips aspiring teachers with the practical and technical skills as well as methodologies which are necessary for teaching young learners. By pursuing an accredited course, you can learn numerous TESOL methodologies, classroom disciplinary methods and the combination of techniques which work best in the ESL classroom. This will help you in the effective management of your children.

  • Prepares You For An Overseas Job

When you opt for a TESOL certification course, it psychologically prepares you for a prosperous teaching career abroad. During the course, you will be prepared in advance for the challenges which teachers often face while overseas. Leading institutes offering these courses even provide job placement to their students on the completion of the course.

  • Boosts Your Resume

This is one of the biggest benefits of joining a reputable TEFL institute in India. A TESOL for children certification looks excellent on a resume and can dramatically increase your chance of qualifying for ESL teaching jobs abroad. With overseas employers looking for qualified individuals who can teach English, the more skilled a candidate is, the more likely is he/she to be hired. And, by pursuing a TEFL course, you can gain the knowledge and experience which employers look for.

Tips For ESL Teachers To Get Children’s Attention

  1. Reach Out To Students

Instead of calling a student across the room, consider reaching out to the child yourself. When you stop what you are doing and go to your students, you give them the personal attention they deserve.

  1. Be Playful

This is another great way to grab the attention of young learners in the classroom. Consider gaining the attention of students by putting on a sensational hat and speaking in a dramatic voice. You can even play a clapping game.

  1. Use Attention Grabbers

Appealing to the senses of students is very important in the ESL classroom. You can do this by using motivational devices which have varied shapes colours, textures, movements, sounds and smells to help students focus in the classroom.

Quickly enrol in a reputable TEFL institute and acquire a TESOL for children certification. Time to aspire for a lucrative teaching career!