New To Teaching Business English? 4 Tips To Succeed In The ESL Class

September 20, 2019

Do you wish to teach business English abroad? Undergoing business English teacher training in India from a reputed teacher training institute can be the perfect way to jumpstart your professional career. But, are you perplexed about how to feel more prepared when taking on a business English classroom for the first time? No worries! Here’s a handy guide to help you.

Teaching Business English is a specialised kind of teaching which focuses on business terminologies and corporate culture. Many ESL teachers feel intimidated by the prospect of teaching business English. This often comes from the common perception that teaching English to business professionals is the same thing as teaching general English. However, it is more about assisting the learners boost their English skills for use in a business context.

Here’s how you can succeed as a qualified business English teacher.

Business English Teacher Training India

Useful Tips To Get ESL Business English Teaching Off To A Great Start

  1. Discover What Students Wish To Achieve

You will have to teach busy adults who have the habit of working towards objectives. Therefore, it is advisable to you discuss with them at the beginning of the session/course what they wish to achieve Usually, this means breaking down skills like- writing more coherent emails, telephoning more effectively, chairing meetings, etc. As a teacher, it’s your responsibility to set these objectives by analysing the learners’ needs early on.

  1. Find Out The Context In Which Learners Use English

To be an outstanding business English teacher, you need to discuss the context in which the learners need to perform. Get an idea of why they are learning English, who they communicate within their workplace and under what kind of conditions. Keep in mind that adults learning English for supervising a team working in another country will have different needs for professionals who are learning English for improving their fluency skills.

  1. Choose The Materials Wisely

Just like the general English classroom, even in the ESL class, learns expect you to bring materials. Though there’s a wide availability of books and resources online, choosing materials which create real situations in the classroom is important. Perhaps, the learners themselves are the most important resource. This is because; they can provide real materials like emails, reports or PowerPoint presentations from their working lives. The learners will likely expect you to take some of these resources and create worksheets for them.

  1. Be Energised & Teach Businesslike

Use the teaching methodologies which you learned while undergoing TEFL Training in India and teach in a business-like method for making the right impression. This will affect what you say, how you behave and what you wear. Like all learners, business English learners need motivation and so you need to keep your energy levels high. For example, a managerial team which has just returned from a long business trip will need their teacher to keep the energy levels high.

Business professionals often have high expectations and might ask for classes early in the morning, during their lunchtime or at the end of their working hours. So, you must be flexible. Time to be an outstanding business English teacher!


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