How To Teach Young Learners English: Handy Guide For ESL Teachers

October 23, 2019

Do you picture yourself teaching in front of a classroom of kids? Are you planning to embark on an ESL teaching career? Well, teaching young learners can be both exciting and rewarding. Getting certified from the best TEFL Institute in India and knowing how to teach kids can boost your professional prospects.

Kids, children and young teenagers are collectively referred to as “young learners”. Young learners form to be one of the most common student demographics in the TEFL industry. With schools around the globe emphasising English language, teachers need to be well-qualified for teaching young learners. Obtaining a TEFL certification is thus essential to become an ESL teacher. But, how do you teach English to young learners?

Here’s everything you need to know.

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What Do Young Learners Want?

This is the level where kids are just starting their academic careers. Attending school may be very intimidating for some students in your classroom. So, it’s vital to make your lessons fun and relaxed for encouraging the students to participate. Even though students will learn basic materials at this level, try to be creative with the design of materials. Make sure you provide a lot of encouragement and positive feedback.

Where To Teach Kids English?

Children and young teens learning English as a foreign language can be found throughout the globe. In some countries, it’s common for TEFL qualified teachers to teach in K-12 settings-either in private or public schools. On the other hand, in other regions, ESL teachers work in schools and language institutes. No matter what the setting is, these are the places where teaching kids English is very common.

Europe and Asia are some of the regions where teaching kids are very popular. You can even teach kids online.

How Do Young Learners Behave?

Make sure you keep exercise short and fun because kids have short attention spans and get distracted easily. Projection and overacting will keep the focus on you. Teach students about how to behave in classroom by asking them to be quiet in the class. Tell them to raise their hand if they have answers to questions. Remember; you are responsible both for teaching English and for preparing them for the next level of education.

What To Focus On While Teaching Kids?

Your primary focus for students at this age will be on laying a strong foundation for further English coursework. Also, you should focus on improving their communication skills. Students must focus on different sounds of the English language and learn numbers, alphabets, colours and shapes. Gradually, you should introduce vocabulary words.

Why Teach English To Kids Instead Of Adults?

The topics covered by matured learners may be very relevant to instructors. But, children can progress through the curriculum rapidly. Moreover, kids are enthusiastic about learning and are always ready to play English games you present to them. Unlike adults, children aren’t shy about pronouncing new words. It is these factors which make teaching English to young children a rewarding experience.

So what are you still waiting for? Pursue an online TEFL Course and start applying for English teaching jobs abroad. Time to make a lucrative career!