Get All Your Queries Answered Before Opting For A TEFL Course

December 22, 2018

Do you wish to live, work and teach English abroad? Pursuing an accredited TEFL course from a recognised institute can be the ideal way to kick-start your teaching career. But, do you have queries related to getting TESOL/TEFL certified? No worries. Simply check out the handy guide below and get answers to all your queries.

No matter what your initial field of study was or the profession you are currently in, teaching English abroad is a great career choice. Working as an ESL teacher is a viable option even for recent college graduates. And, the growing demand for English speakers globally has created a plethora of teaching jobs for qualified candidates all over the world. What’s more, by undergoing TEFL training in India you can even work as a corporate trainer or an ascent trainer.

Here’re a few frequently asked questions about TEFL certification along with their answers!

TEFL Training in India

TEFL Course In India: Answers To Your Top Queries

  1. What Are The Key Benefits OF Getting TEFL certified?

Whether you are a new graduate, a senior teacher, a mid-career professional or a retired person, pursuing a TESOL course can be beneficial to one and all. Some of these great benefits are-

  • Acts as the ticket to travel, live and work abroad
  • Opens the doors to an international career
  • Gives your resume a boost when applying for teaching jobs
  • Qualifies you for rewarding jobs with attractive salary packages
  • No dearth of teaching opportunities
  1. Do Online TESOL Courses Really Prepare Candidates For The Classroom?

Yes, accredited TEFL courses can truly help you prepare for the ESL classroom. No matter whether you are taking up an in-site or online course, the right course can indeed help you teach a classroom full of students. This is because the theory and teaching methodology involved in a recognised program can help you learn the principles of teaching English.

  1. Is It Important to Pursue A TEFL program which is accredited?

You may think that joining any institute for building your teaching skills is beneficial since your goal in undergoing a TESOL program is to be a better ESL teacher. But, if you are investing your money and time into a TEFL certification, don’t you think it is best to make sure the course you are opting for is widely recognised? Pursuing an accredited TEFL course in India from a reputed training institute is thus important.

  1. How Many Hours Should A TESOL Course Be?

TEFL/TESOL certification programs require a high number of hours for ensuring that you are better prepared to teach. This is because a wealth of theory and methodology is required for teaching candidates about the ways to teach effectively. And, it is only when you undergo a 120-hour TEFL program can you be assured of developing the right teaching skills.

  1. Where To Teach With A TEFL Certification?

One of the biggest benefits of getting TEFL certified is that the course can indeed open the world to you. Since accredited TEFL courses are accepted and recognised worldwide, you can easily qualify for teaching positions wherever you want. Some of the regions where TEFL certification is widely appreciated are- China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Time to join a reputed TESOL institute for a lucrative teaching career!