4 ESL Teaching Tips To Get Students In The English Learning Zone

June 25, 2019

Starting out on your ESL teaching career? Or are you an experienced teacher planning to re-evaluate teaching strategies? Teaching English to students in any of the above situations can be quite daunting. Wondering how to get your students in the learning zone? Well, following a few tips based on real-world ESL teaching experience is all you need to do after pursuing an online TEFL course in India.

Whether you are a recent graduate, a skilled teacher or a mid-career professional, making a career in ESL can be lucrative for all. Though it’s true that you will face a few difficulties in the classroom initially, it doesn’t mean you cannot cope up with them. Experienced ESL educators believe all that’s needed for new teachers to teach English properly to their students is creativity, adequate preparation and the right resources.

Here’re some useful pieces of advice from experienced ESL teachers!

ESL Classroom

Tips To Teach Your Students English Properly In The ESL Classroom

  1. Follow The 3 P’s

Keeping in mind the 3 P’s – plan ahead, prepare and practice is important to achieve success as an ESL teacher.

Plan ahead and create a lesson plan before every class. Ensure you take into consideration your students, the available time and the material, resources you have. The more detailed your lesson plan is, the more effective will be the teaching. Practice by taking a quick glance at the major talking points. You should even estimate how long it will take for your students to understand and complete certain lessons to time yourself accordingly.

Remember; your ESL teaching practice will be much more effectual if you carefully plan, prepare and practice your presentation and activities before class.

  1. Motivate Your Students

Knowing the ways to motivate your students is very important for a great classroom experience. This is because; learning something new or complex demands serious effort and time from the teacher. No matter whether you teach young students or teenagers, motivation is the key to success. So, you need to tap into their desires and needs. Ensure you motivate your students in a way that they get a tangible reason to keep learning.

  1. Improve Your Classroom Management Technique

When undergoing TEFL Training in India, every ESL aspirant is made familiar with two basic notions- classroom management and time management. And, accomplishing them in the classroom is important to be an outstanding English teacher. Pursuing an accredited course will give you the expertise to manage your class and simultaneously deal with the naughtiness of a few students in the class.

  1. Use Your Creativity, Imagination & Instincts

Experienced ESL educators suggest new teachers should follow a more creative path instead of abiding by the traditional path. While it’s true that conventional teaching strategies may be well within your comfort zone, the reality is that it can be quite difficult for students. So, you must re-design your lesson plan and use your imagination as well as creativity to make your students learn English. Shake up your lesson plan by getting multimedia materials involved or letting students express themselves!

So what are you still waiting for? It’s time to be the enthusiastic and outstanding ESL educator you always wanted to be!